Week 15 Review

 Back Up and Review Kitty I enjoyed this little gif because it catches you by surprise and made me smile which is what I needed for the week before finals. Dust Bowl I have learned about the Dust Bowl before as I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life. The Dust Bowl was very dangerous for many and is kind of crazy to think about putting myself in their shoes. I enjoyed learning more about it to feel for the people that had to go through it. Dust Bowl Pic

Week 15 Famous Last Words: It's Almost Summer

 Famous Last Words The past week I managed to do some very good reading for this class and I was able to find enough time to do all of it even though this last week was one of my busier weeks. The readings I chose were pretty interesting and I am glad I got to go through and pick the ones I wanted to read. I do really like the story lab option as well because it gives us a lot of different options to write about. I was able to finish up my revisions to my story and it had a lot of revisions but the end product turned out pretty good in my opinion. I like the various styles we are able to write in because I was able to find my favorite through trial and error. My other classes are going pretty well. I had two tests and a final presentation this last week that I finished up and I have never felt more relieved to finally be done with them. There's only two weeks left of school and it is starting to get pretty stressful with graduation coming up and then I also need to take two summer

Week 15: Tech Tip Canvas Gradebook

 Tech Tip I for one think the canvas gradebook is very easy to read. Everything is in order and easily labeled so you know where everything is. They do have a point system, but sometimes not everything gets weighted correctly so you have to watch out for that. It shows the due dates of when everything is due. Overall, canvas gradebook system is really easy to use.

Week 15: Wikipedia Trails: Mahabharata to Kali

 Wikipedia Trails Mahabharata Mahabharata is also one of the longest poems ever written which I did not know.  It is a major Sanskrit epic of india and I wanted to know a little bit more about it since I did one of my stories that included him. Damayanti Involved in a love story and was the daughter of Bhima. My curiosity lead to Damayanti because I do remember reading her name in some stories but wanted to know more about her. Nala Nala is a king and I wanted to know a little bit more about him because he seemed interesting to learn about. He actually married Damayanti who I was previously curious about. Kali I wanted to know about Kali because she is the demon that possessed Nala. She is also the reigning lord of the Kali Yuga. Damayanti

Week 15 Learning Challenge: Happiness Challenge

 Happiness Challenge A plan I want to implement to continue my happiness: Wake up before 10 every day Talk with my friends every day and see how they are doing Workout 5 out of the 7 days Spend 30 minutes before I go to bed every night in thought and meditation Eat according to my diet plan Do some extra curricular activities such as play some basketball or soccer every day for an hour Happiness

Week 15 Lab Writer's Advice

 Writer's Advice Some notes I have taken away from these articles is art needs to be adventurous and spontaneous. It can make a very big impact if your story is unpredictable and your characters can be relatable. Capturing each and every moment can lead to a big revelation and make for a bigger moment. You want to make your readers feel like they are in the story themselves and after they have read it, they felt the trauma, or the heartbreak, or the happiness because they felt like they were a part of the story themselves. One of the best ways to get readers involved is by painting such a detailed picture in their minds just by using the proper dictation of words to really move them and see what you see. The most important note I captured by reading was to stay true to yourself. Write from your heart and not what other people may like. If you write with your own creative mind and see how you think your writing should be, it is likely other people will enjoy it because you are makin

Week 15 Reading Notes Part B

 Reading Notes The Gardener and the Bear Characters The first character is a gardener who has no family or friends The second character is the bear who is also lonely  The only thing the gardener cherishes in life is his lovely garden The gardener comes to a point in his life where he wants a friend that he can hangout and talk to.  The gardener goes out to look for a friend in the forest and stumbles across a bear The bear also wanted a friend so the two agreed to be best friends and they went back to the gardeners place where they hung out The gardener would continue to feed the bear as long as he would swipe the flies away from his garden One day there was a fly that was being annoying and continued to land on the gardener and the bear got very annoyed at this  The bear stupidly threw a rock at the gardeners face to get rid of the fly and ended up killing the fly and also the innocent gardener The Gardener and the Bear Pic